Accessibility Action

We are mounting a campaign at Eitz Chayim to increase awareness of accessibility needs, to take action around our building, and to educate ourselves about disability justice and culture.  We welcome input, suggestions, offers of help from all members of our community.  Please write to us here:

Here are a few places to visit to get started (some of the links are facebook only).

Rabbi Jeremy Sher has started a non-profit called Mind and Soul Chaplaincy.

Rabbi Elliot Kukla delivered a wonderful talk about resisting the forces in society which want to brand as pathological the person who learns to accept chronic illness and even to draw creative energy from it.   Rabbi Kukla created magnificent art in the time of being housebound for 4 years.

Julia Watts Belser has written extensively on the portrayal of disability in rabbinic literature. In her article in Tikkun, “God has Wheels,” Belser talks about the transgressive potential of disability culture (if you are not a Tikkun subsriber, try  ejournals at a public library).