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B'nei Mitzvah

B’nei (Bar and Bat) Mitzvah preparation at Eitz Chayim is a rigorous, highly individualized process through which each student is challenged and supported in her/his quest for knowledge and meaning.

A bond is formed between the students – and parents – in each class as they support each other through the process and celebrate together at each service. The students attain a sense of true accomplishment as well as a heightened awareness of themselves and their place in the Jewish world.

Class Schedule

Beginning in 4th grade, Eitz Chayim’s B’nei Mitzvah class meets on Sunday from 10am–1pm and Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm. In addition, once the student is about a year out from his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah date, they will meet with a private tutor on a weekly basis for individual study and preparation.

Study Files

View and download the B’nei Mitzvah mp3 audio practice files.


Prospective students and their parents are welcome to visit. For more information, or to arrange for a visit please contact us at (617) 497-7626 or email

Mon, August 8 2022 11 Av 5782