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COVID-19 Announcement

A message from Rabbi Liza Stern:

Dear Friends —

Our building is closed, for now, as it should be; social distancing protects us all from the spreading virus.  As we collectively engage in Flattening the Curve through physical isolation, we are deeply aware of our need for community — our community of Eitz Chayim.  The ancient sounds and ideas of our tradition remind us that we are linked, powerfully, through time and space, connected to something larger and longer-lasting than this current crisis.

Shabbat is coming, as it does each week, with its invitation to us to rediscover our selves, our dreams, our memories.  It comes with its message that life is sacred, that peace is possible, that we are God’s partners.  Shabbat reminds us of our gratitude for all of it: for life itself, for our community, for the opportunities given to us to reach for meaning and purpose. We are taught that “More than Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews.”

So join us!  A siddur (prayerbook) is nice, but not essential.  I look forward to seeing you on my iPad!  6:30 pm, Friday eve, for Kabbalat Shabbat.





Zoom instructions and call-in information

You can find the call-in information to the e-Chayim Kabbalat Shabbat in the most recent edition of Kol Chayim, our weekly newsletter. If you do not receive Kol Chayim, please send a request email to Talya at 

The service with the Rabbi will start at 6:30 pm, however the zoom will open at 6 pm and close at 8 pm to allow pre- and post-service chats.

5 Rules of Zoom at Eitz Chayim

A. Timing:  Try to call or zoom a few minutes (10-15) before 6:30 pm to make sure you are settled with the camera, the position, the Shabbat Candles/wine/Challah, etc..

B. Mute/Unmute:   The normal “mode” of operation to enjoy listening to the Rabbi and praying in the intimacy of your home, is to be on mute.  There will be moments (Shalom Aleichem, Kaddish, etc..) when you will be unmuted, so that we all could sing with the Rabbi, but not “over” or faster than” the Rabbi, to minimize the cacophony, please… Find the mute/unmute option on the lower left corner of your screen.

C. View:  On the upper right corner of your screen, there is an option to see gallery view (lots of small screens, Brady Bunch style) or toggle to speaker view (just the current speaker—hopefully, the Rabbi).  In addition, if you want to permanently lock in the Rabbi's picture, click on her image, choose the three little dots on the top right corner of her image, and select the “pin video” option.

D. Announcements:  Amanda will read the announcements to the community.  If you have an announcement, please email it in advance to Amanda at

E. Experiment and Enjoy!:  We are all new at this, and we are trying to find the best balance between healthy chaos and communal joy.  Please be patient, go along with it, and make recommendations to Daniel ( about ways to improve this wonderful experience from week to week.

*Please note: some of these instructions only apply to computer screens. iPads and phones may have different configurations. 

Sat, July 24 2021 15 Av 5781