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Sale of Chametz

It is traditional for Jews to sell their chametz during Passover, so that it no longer belongs to them, and they therefore cannot be liable for having chametz in their possession on Passover.
I, named above, hereby authorize Rabbi Liza Stern to act as my Shaliach (representative) and empower her (or any agent operating on her behalf) to sell all chametz owned by me, or in which I have a share, whether it is in my possession, being shipped to me, or stored elsewhere, as of 10:00am, Wednesday, April 5th, 2023.  This includes any stocks or shares in corporations or businesses that buy or sell chametz.  (The term “chametz” is understood according to the Rabbinic definition of leavened food and is to include all types of such food or liquids in pure or mixed forms.)  Since the buyer must have free access to the chametz they purchase, I also agree to authorize her to rent those premises in which these foods are stored and agree to keep these items separated and to seal them off.  This sale is to be concluded in accordance with all the requirements of Jewish law and the terms of the general authorization contract used by the Rabbi for this purpose.  Stores engaged in the sale of chametz during Passover are excluded.
My digital signature below legally grants Rabbi Stern or her agent the power to act on my behalf in this matter in accordance with both halachic regulations and the laws of Massachusetts and other states.  I agree to abide in good faith by the results of this sale without any reservations, either expressed or implied.
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It is traditional to make a contribution (for example, a multiple of $18 or chai) to the congregation when you “sell” your chametz.  You are under no obligation.
IMPORTANT: To be valid this form must be received by 10:00am on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023
Fri, March 1 2024 21 Adar I 5784